“Hey Sonya what’s going on?” Corbin said walking into the room.

Sonya looked up. She ignored Corbin and continued typing. Corbin half sat down on top of the table. He leaned towards Sonya.

“I was asking you a question.” Corbin said.

“And I was ignoring you.” Sonya replied without looking up.

“Why do you hate me so much?” Corbin asked.

“Maybe it’s because you hit on everything that moves.” She retorted.

“Come on.” Corbin said coyly. “Don’t be overly sensitive. What are you working on?” He stretched out his hand to touch Sonya’s computer. Sonya slapped his hand

“Thomas Bridges laptop.” She said. “I am trying to recover missing files.”

“I thought we told you Jasmine has the real hard drive.” Corbin said.

“And this one is hers.” Sonya said. “I am trying see if I can pull anything useful from here.”

At that moment Jakes walked in. “Detective. Hazel Start is on the line for Detective Ashwood, but he is out now so-.”

“I’ll take it.” Corbin pushed his way out of the room and headed for the phone. He picked it up. “Hello?”

“Detective Ashwood?” Hazel’s voice came through.

“No this is O’Brian.” Corbin said. “How can I help you?”

Hazel’s voice faltered. “I wanted to speak with Detective Ashwood.”

“He is not here right now.” Corbin said. “How can I help you?”

The line disconnected. ‘Weird’ Corbin thought. He re-dialed the number. It rang. No one picked up. He hung up the phone. He grabbed his keys. It was time to take a trip.


“What did you do that for Hazel.” Toni said exasperated. “We could have told him about the note.”

“Don’t you get it?” Hazel said. “D.O killed Tom. As in Detective O’Brian.”

“Oh come on.” Toni said. “That doesn’t mean anything. And why should we even believe anything Jaz says anyway?”

“What reason would she have to lie?” Hazel asked.

“So she doesn’t go down for two more murders.” Toni retorted.

Hazel sighed. “Okay Toni I know he was your brother, but-”

“But nothing.” Toni said. “Jaz killed Tom. She thought we were sleeping together so she killed him. Remember after he died and she was being all sympathetic? That was just guilt.”

“You don’t really-” Hazel began.

“And at Carla’s funeral?” Toni continued ignoring Hazel’s interruption. “Where she was being all weepy. That was the guilt talking to.”

“Exactly. guilt.” Hazel said. “She didn’t mean to kill Carla. She told me so. And you know what, she could have killed me too. But she let me go. Why exactly would he do that?”

“I don’t know.” Toni said.

“Because she still has a heart.” Hazel said. “And that’s why she sent us this.” Hazel held up the card. “To get justice for your brother.”

Toni folded her arms. “That doesn’t mean D.O stands for Detective O’Brian.” She said. “It could be Dylan O’Connell.”

“Really? Dylan?” When was the last time he was in Harbor?” Hazel said skeptically.

“Just pointing out it could be anyone with those initials.” Toni said.

“Well let’s not take any chances.” Hazel said. “Let’s take this directly to Detective Ashwood.”


“How are you feeling Ms Heathway?” James asked as he sat in the Heathway’s living room.

“Much better.” Moraine said. “So why are you here detective?”

“Just need to touch base with the investigation.” James said. “You handed us all the paperwork you used in dealing with Zas.”

“Jasmine Green.” Moraine Heathway corrected.

“Yes.” James said. “But we never had any indication she had a partner.”

“I didn’t know the full extent of hat she was doing.” Moraine Heathway said. “All I did was set up trusts for her.”

“What kind?” James asked.

“College funds, scholarships.” Moraine Heathway said.

“Are they still active?” James asked.

“Yes.” Moraine Heathway said. “But you can’t touch them. They belong to a third party.”

“How about her personal assets?” James asked.

“All gone.” Moraine heathway said. “That girl could be in Switzerland by now.”

James nodded. “Do you know an Alex Stone?” he asked.

“No I never heard of him.” Moraine Heathway said. “Why?”

“He told us he was sent by the FBI to investigate you. But when he had what he needed to make an arrest he disappeared.”

“Well I never heard of him.” Moraine Heathway said.

James brought out a picture of Alex and showed it to her. “But you have identified him before. You said he was talking to Thomas Bridges at the Gala.”

Moraine Heathway peered at him closely. “This is Alex Stone?” She asked.

“Yes.” James replied, taking the picture back.

“That man works for Richard Prescott.”  Moraine heathway replied. “He is not FBI.”

“Figured as much.” James replied. He stood up. “Thank you for your time Mrs Heathway. I’ll be in touch.”


“Hazel hurry up.” Toni called out waiting at the door.

“Just a minute.”  Hazel’s voice rang from the second floor. Toni sighed and brought out her phone. Nothing like a good game of candy crush to pass the time.

The doorbell rang. Without thinking,Toni opened the door. Corbin O’Brian stood in front of it.

“Where is Hazel?” Corbin asked without preamble.

“Umm she isn’t home.” Toni said nervously.

Just then Hazel’s voice rang out again. “Who is at the door?”

Toni didn’t reply. “i thought you said she wasn’t home?” Corbin asked Toni.

“Did I?” Toni laughed nervously. “I meant, she and I were about to step out. So she wouldn’t be home.”

“I see.” Corbin said nodding his head. Just then Hazel came running downstairs.

“Okay I’m rea-” She froze when she saw Corbin.

“Hey Hazel.” Corbin waved his hands at Hazel.

“Detective. Hi.” Hazel said recovering quickly. “We were about to step out.”

“Oh yeah, your friend told me.” Corbin said. “Just wondering why you called and hung up on me.”

“Did I?” Hazel laughed nervously. “The line went dead so I thought you had already hung up.”

“No I hadn’t” Corbin said. “So why were you calling?” He asked.

“I wanted to talk to Detective Ashwood about Jaz.” She said quickly. “I just remembered she has family in New York so she might be hiding out there.”

“On the East Coast.” Corbin said. “Where he has no Jurisdiction.”

“Yeah, it was just a thought.” Hazel said. “Anyway we were stepping out now. So-” She made to move out of the doorway but Corbin blocked her.

“Are you sure that is all?” Corbin asked.

“Yes I am sure.” Hazel said staring up at Corbin defiantly. “My butler is here by the way. And the chef is still in the kitchen. So if you need anything I am sure they will be happy to accommodate you.”

“No that’s quite alright.” Corbin said moving aside. “Call me if you hear anything okay?”

“Sure we will.” Hazel said standing still.

Corbin turned and walked away. Hazel quickly shut the door.

“I thought we were going to the Police station?” Toni asked.

“Change of plans.” Hazel said. “We are staying right here where we are safe.”

“No come on, you don’t think he knows.” Toni asked.

“Yes he does.” Hazel said. “Call your parents. You are staying here tonight.”


Richard Prescott was just packing up to leave when he heard  light tap on his door. He looked up to see James Ashwood standing in his doorway.

“Heading out?” James asked.

“Yeah, It has been a busy day.” Richard said. “What can I do for you?”

“Do you know a man by the name Alex Munroe?” James asked.

“No I don’t think that rings a bell.” Richard said without skipping a beat.

“He came into our office pretending to be an FBI agent.” James said. “A source told us he was working for you?”

“A source? What are you talking about?” Richard asked.

James brought out a picture of Alex and showed it to Richard. “That’s him.”

“Oh him?” Richard asked. “That is my PI. He does some work for me.”

“Like impersonating Federal officers? And I thought you said his name doesn’t ring a bell” James asked.

“I don’t know anything about impersonating anybody. I just give him a job, and he gets it done. And as for the name thing, I don’t even know his real name. I just call him Markos.”

“Do you know how I can reach him?” James asked.

“I have a number for him.” Richard said. “But I doubt that would yield any desired result.”

“This man might have killed your son.” James said.

“He didn’t.” Richard snapped. “That girl did didn’t she?”

James was quiet for a moment. “What was the nature of the work you sent him to do.”

Richard spread his arms wide. “Look around. This is what I paid him to do. Fix this. And he did. So if you are done asking me unnecessary questions, I am going to head home.” He picked up his briefcase and pushed past James.

“Mr Prescott.” James called out. Richard looked back.  “Be careful.” James said. “People can be very unpredictable.”


Jasmine packed her bags. She was leaving for good. She too one last look around. Oddly enough, she wasn’t feeling any nostalgia. She knew it was going to come to this when she started on this path. The slung a bag over her shoulder. Getting out of Harbor wouldn’t be easy. She had said all her goodbyes, given Toni the closure she needed, and now she was heading off to a new life. No more Zas, no more games. Just her. She took a deep breath and stepped out.


It was already getting dark. James got back to the office and just sat on his desk exhausted. He thought his problems were over but there was another killer out there. Of course this could be another tick Jasmine is playing on them, but his gut told him she was telling the truth. And he never went against his gut.

James looked up to see Jakes walking towards him. Jakes placed a document on the table.

“This was recovered from Thomas Bridges Computer.”He said.

“What is it.” James asked. Picking it up and looking at it.

“It is an email correspondence between Jeremiah Gates and someone with a username called ‘Colby409’.” Jakes replied. “I am guessing that is our killer.”

“Our second killer.” James corrected. “Have you gone through this? Does it give any information about him?”

“Yeah it seems he lives right here in Harbor.” Jakes said. “But there was something else.”

“What is it?” James asked.

“It seems he is familiar with John Heathway.” Jakes said.

“What do you mean?” James asked.

Jakes rifled through the page and pointed at a section. James looked at the text.

Jh23: What time is the shipment arriving?

Colby409 : 4 o’clock tomorrow. Is your partner coming along?

Jh23: Yes I am bringing him.

Colby409: Don’t. Come alone.

Jh23: He wants to meet you.

Colby409: And I am not ready to meet him. Do you fully trust him?

Jh23: Not exactly.

James peered closely at the conversation. “Are you sure this is Jeremiah?” He asked.

“Yeah,” Jakes said. “I mean the Jh is short for Jeremiah right? First and last letters of his name? And they are obviously talking about John.”

James studied it again.

Jh23: I think I am close to finding Zas.

Colby409: Has he revealed himself to your partner?

Jh23: He has him running around in circles. Did you have any luck on your end?

Colby409: No. But the police are getting close.

A light bulb went on in James head. “This isn’t Jeremiah”. He said. The person talking is John Heathway.

“How do you know?” Jakes asked.

“Jeremiah was the one that Zas had running around in circles” James said. “John was the one in contact with this Colby. Colby didn’t want Jeremiah  to know who he was so when he found out. Colby killed him.”

“Right here in the station?” Jakes asked.

“Alex was the one who found Jeremiah. I’ll bet you Alex is Colby.” James said.

“So John knows exactly who killed Thomas Bridges?” Jakes said.

“Yes.” James said. “But he is not cooperating with the police.” He sighed and looked around. “Where is O’Brian?”

“He left a while ago.” Jakes said. “So how do we get John to fess up. We don’t have anything to charge him with.The only person who knew his drug involvement is dead.”

“I’ll sleep on it.” James said standing up. “Good work Jakes.”

“Thank you.” Jake said. James watched him walk away.


Hazel peeped out the windows. It was already dark outside.

“Come on Hazel.” Toni complained as she sat on the bed. “You cant keep me prisoner here.”

“I am keeping you safe.” Hazel said.

“I left my homework at home.” Toni said. “Can I at least go and get it?”

“Do you know if he is still out there?” Hazel asked.

“Your parents are not home right now. We are practically alone here. Which is a good reason for us not to stay here.” Toni argued.

“We have state of the art security.” Hazel said. “We will be fine.”

“And he is a cop.” Toni said. “Look we can just drive down to Detective Ashwood house and just tell him. I think you are overreacting though.”

“I am overreacting?” Hazel asked. “Alright fine go.” Hazel said crossing her arms. “When you get attacked, don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

“Okay fine.” Toni said, standing up from the bed and walking towards the door. “See you in the Am.”

“No wait.” Hazel said, quickly running to intercept her. “Okay how about this. We take my car and give this to James.” She held up the card. “Then we come back here and you can go home in the morning.”

“James?” Toni asked. “When did that start.”

“We are on a first name basis.” Hazel replied. “So how about that plan?”

“Is there any scenario where I get to go home this night?” Toni asked.

“No.” Hazel replied.

Toni sighed. “Fine. But if you are wrong. You owe me a big apology.”

“Deal.” Hazel said. She went to her closet and picked up a hockey stick.

“Why are you taking that?” Toni asked.

“This what Jaz used when she kidnapped me.” Hazel said. “It has a good edge.”

“So you defend yourself against a guy who carries a gun with a hockey stick?” Toni asked raising her eyebrows.

“Just lets go okay?” Hazel said.


Corbin watched as the gate opened. A silver ford exited from the compound and drove into the street. ‘Finally’ He thought to himself. He thought they would never leave. He waited until there was some distance between the car and himself. Then he put his keys in the ignition and turned it. The car roared to life. He thought about turning on his headlight then decided against it. He quietly drove after The silver ford. Of all the obstacles he thought. He would be facing, he didn’t think it would be three tiresome teenage girls. This was the last time he would underestimate anyone. He pushed his foot on the gas and accelerated. He had a deadline to meet.


James got home and looked around his house. It was messy as usual. He dropped his keys on the table and took of his jacket. It was unusually cold this evening. He looked at his answering machine. There were a couple of messages waiting for him. He pressed play. One of them was a telemarketer. He deleted it. The played the second one.

“Hey James this is Richard Prescott.” The Richard’s voice said. “I left a message on your cell, but it seems you never use that thing so I am leaving one here too. I think you were right and I may have trusted the wrong person. You and I should talk, I have some information that could be of value to you. Call me and we will schedule a meeting.”

James sighed. His night wasn’t over. He dialed Richard’s number. It rang there was no reply. He decided to try Corbin’s number. It wet straight to voicemail. He hung up without leaving a message. He dropped his phone. Then he remembered he hadn’t checked his mail. With a sigh he went to his door and opened the cage. He brought out a handful of papers and rifled through them. There were a few coupons, His water bill. Then he saw a Green Envelope. There was no information on the sender, and there were no stamps meaning it was hand delivered. He opened it. It had a strange scent. Smelled like flowers. He sniffed it again. It was jasmine he realized. It smelled like jasmine flowers, meaning there was no doubt to who this was from.

There was a card inside. Against his better judgement he opened it. It had three words inside it.

‘D.O killed Tom.’ It read. He was puzzled. Who was D.O? He read it again just to be sure. Jasmine made it seem like he knew this person. Then a horrific realization set on him. It couldn’t be true. But he could see the pieces fall together. It all made sense. He grabbed his keys, and his gun. He had someone to confront.


“There is a car behind us.” Toni said.

“Ha ha very funny.” Hazel said. “Trying to scare me.”

“So seriously. There is a car behind us.” Toni sad. It has its head lights turned off.

“What?” Hazel said looking at her rearview mirror. There was no car behind them.  “I don’t see-”

“Hazel look out!” Toni screamed. Hazel look forward to see a dark car swerve in front of them. Hazel turned the steering sharply to the right. The side of the car scraped the bridge. He hit the brakes, but the other car was already beside them. It rammed into them again and Hazel’s car tilted dangerously over the edge. Toni was screaming. Out of the corner of her eyes, Toni saw a blue car approaching them. There was something familiar about it. The dark car hit them again, and they went over the edge screaming.







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